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Baby Name
One of the most thrilling parts of parenting is the idea of watching someone grow up and develop before our eyes, becoming their own unique individual as they respond to the world around them.

This journey of discovery begins, of course, with a name:

Your child's name will form a core part of their identity, something that will belong to them from day one, possibly while also reflecting their ancestors, cultural background, or religious faith.
Naturally, then, you probably feel a great deal of pressure when it comes to the idea of choosing a name for your new baby: How do you pick the right name?

Is it better to go for something completely unique or honour tradition? Do children generally prefer to have unusual names or conventional ones that let them blend in with their peers? The variables often feel endless.
If your head is spinning with the task of picking a name for your baby, relax: It's not as complicated as it probably feels.

How can you actually use this?

By the following advice below, you can pick a name that both you and your child will grow to love:

 Baby name

Choose a name that will age well:

Most of us enjoy having a cute nickname for our baby or small child but remember, that adorable tot will one day grow up and need to attach their name to business documents, client presentations, mortgage applications, etc. 
As such, parents are advised to consider a malleable name that can be adapted to suit a little child while also retaining a strong adult presence for later in life. Joseph, for example, is a dignified adult name that can easily be modified to “Joey” in order to suit a baby.

Never choose a “humorous” name:

(e.g., “Holly Wood”) and resist the urge to emulate celebrity baby names (i.e., naming your child Blue or Apple).
Your baby probably isn't going to inherit a multimillion-dollar fortune, after all, and “quirky” or “funny” names can be very detrimental to a person's success during job interviews. Think of your child's future and choose something respectable.

Do the “sound test” before deciding on a name:

Say your child's full name five times over, as fast as you can. Is it relatively easy to sound out, or does it feel more like a tongue twister? If it's the latter, try choosing something more harmonic.
Remember, small children have a harder time pronouncing words than adults, so the last thing you want to do is to give your child a name that's hard to recite in full.
Additionally, avoid choosing a name that rhymes as these soon become grating.

Think about how hard it will be to pronounce a name before selecting it:

Your child will feel awkward if they have to explain, in every new class and at every new school they attend, how to pronounce their name; as such, you'll be doing your baby a favour if you pick a name that's relatively easy to pronounce.
(Note that this is especially important if you wish to choose an unusual name for your baby.)

    Choosing a name that's easy to pronounce may even open up opportunities for your child once they reach adulthood, according to a study conducted at New York University.

    Why Does this Matter? 

    In the study, the first and last names of 500 US lawyers were analyzed in connection with their career progress and “it was found that those lawyers with the most pronounceable names were promoted faster than their unusually-named counterparts, even though they had comparable skills and experience,” explains Dr. Laham, who helped to conduct the study.

    What is the simple solution ?

    Overall, parents should try to choose a name that is balanced and pleasant to hear, while still being engaging. Think of the kind of qualities you most want your child to have—strength, honesty, kindness, etc.—and look for names that signify these traits.

    That's not all.

    Here are some top 2015 and 2016 Baby boy and girl name.

    Tell us your favourite baby name. We would love to add your suggested baby name on our Blog.


    kai               Vincent        Brody          Justin
    Miguel         Hayden       Lukas           Sam
    Enzo            Oscar          Rylan           Shane
    Aarav          Phoenix       Ayden          Skyler
    Troy             Dexter         Abram         Cyrus
    Kieran          Lennox       Aryan           Marc
    Dennis        Liam            Ethan           Lucas
    Mason        Aiden           Elijah            Luke
    Carter         William        Daniel           Ryan
    Isaac          Levi              Eli                 Leo
    Ezra           Asher            Lan              Tyler
    Jace          Alex              Arjun            Ryder


    Emma          Ava           Sophia         Lilly
    Isabella        Mia            Lily               Ella
    Aria              Layla         Zoey            Mila 
    Eva              Alice          Maya           Bella
    Adeline       Isabelle       Luna           Arianna
    Clara          Alexa           Lydia          Arayata
    Rylee         Teagan         Zara           Genesis
    Brianna     Alaina           Nur             Mckenzie
    Raelynn    Cecilia          Thea           Eloise
    Lola          Sienna          Lana           Gemma
    Rosalie      Lexi             Elaina          Esther 
    Nadia       Amber          Amira           Heidi
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