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Lemon and Rose Baltic Amber teething necklace

Lemon with Rose quards Amber For an Angel

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Beautiful Lemon and Rose Baltic Amber teething necklaces have become famous over the last decade for their ability to safely and naturally reduce the drooling, pain, fussiness, and discomfort associated with teething...
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What is an Amber and how it works

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Parents and their baby

5 most effective tips that will help your baby sleep through the night without any hassle

One of the most challenging aspects of having a newborn is sleep. It is not uncommon for parents to find themselves stressed and sleep deprived in the first year of their baby’s life. Although at less than six months it is rare for a baby to sleep through the night, as they wake on average of 3 times or more during the night. And it might not seem like it but babies sleep around 18 hours a day, though they only sleep...

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What is amber Amber and how it can be helpful to my baby?

In this era, where so many unscrupulous retailers have tried to profit off of both ancient wisdom and New Age spirituality, it's wise to be sceptical when considering purchasing any crystal reputed to have magical “healing powers”. Thankfully, there is..

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How to fly with infant without any headache.

Many parents dread taking their infant or toddler on a plane for the first time—their minds fill with stereotypical images of screaming children in confined plane cabins, annoying other passengers and generally causing a disturbance. This causes a lot of anxiety for parents, who feel like they have no way of predicting whether or not their child will behave.

Amber Teething Necklace


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