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Parents and their baby

How to soothe crying baby

The most common question is why my baby is crying all the time? It’s hard to figure out the reason why your baby is crying. When babies cry it’s their way of saying that they need your attention. As they...

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Authentic Amber teething Necklaces Reviews from our Customers

See what our customers says. Beautiful amber necklace Aimee  on Jun 03, 2018 I bought a beautiful amber necklace, I promptly received an email with a picture of the necklace sitting on top of an envelope with my postal address waiting...

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10 Reasons Why Kids Should Not Be Left Alone With Their Dad

#1 My Dad's imagination  #2 My Dad's needs a gang member  #3 My Mom will never ask my dad to give me a bath. #4 This is how Dad gets me ready for school #5 My Dad loves Chinese food ...

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