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Baltic Amber teething necklace.

Baltic Amber teething necklaces have become famous over the last decade for their ability to safely and naturally reduce the drooling, pain, fussiness, and discomfort associated with teething. You and your baby alike will be mesmerized by the rich golden colour

Bamboo Bowl for Eco Baby

The idea of using a wooden plate and bowls seems unconventional at first, but the benefits of bamboo tableware for infants are many.

In the past, most people relied on plastic tableware for their babies as unlike glass, plastic cannot shatter and injure a child.

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My Wife and I both noticed a considerable change in her behaviour once utilizing the necklace. Her irritable nature and in particular drooling has lessened to the extent where it was almost non existent and all this taking place over a week. The positive comments and feedback from others about the presence of the necklace has also been overwhelming.
Darren Burke
So happy to receive our wooden bowl and spoon super quickly and beautifully presented. The suction is great and now I am looking forward to my son learning how to self feed! Would highly recommend this product!