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Here at My Cutie Pie, we cherish the bond between mother and child. We know that since time immemorial, mothers have been there for their babies, soothing hurts, chasing away fears and making the world a safer, more comfortable place to live in.

This is why we love hearing the hundreds of stories we receive every day about how another of humankind's most ancient traditions—the wearing of natural amber—has helped to benefit the lives of teething babies and their parents. Read our most viewed articles about Parents and their baby 

The countless testimonials we receive from happy parents affirms what we already know: That natural amber can significantly reduce the pain, drooling, and crankiness associated with teething—while also improving your baby's immune system.

  • Feel The My Cutie Pie Difference

At My Cutie Pie, we're proud to say that we provide only top quality, 100 percent genuine amber.

All of our ambers is laboratory tested in order to ensure its purity, and each purchase you make here at My Cutie Pie will come with a certificate of authenticity. Click here at Amber teething necklace

We're confident that once you have a piece of our amber in your hands, its weight, luster, and clarity will speak for itself. If you have any doubts, the smile of relief on your baby's face will chase them away. 

  • The My Cutie Pie Promise

You and your baby are our number one priority; if you have any questions regarding your purchase or shipment you can contact us at any time and we will reply within 24 hours.

Once we receive your order, we pack it on the same day and ship it within 24 hours; even if a customer selects standard shipping we'll send their order by priority post so that they receive their amber promptly.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, rest assured that we will listen attentively to your concerns and do everything we can to grant you a pleasant shopping experience. We also offer a complete money-back guarantee.

Just like we accept no compromises when it comes to the quality of our amber, we'll never settle for second best where customer service is concerned. When you shop at My Cutie Pie, you can buy with confidence.

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