How to soothe crying baby

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How to soothe crying baby

The most common question is why my baby is crying all the time?

Why my baby is crying?
It’s hard to figure out the reason why your baby is crying. When babies cry it’s their way of saying that they need your attention. As they grow up they learn to communicate with you in different ways like they will point fingers at things they want, they will make noises, etc.

What’s the real story of why your baby is crying all the time:



hungry baby

• When your baby puts his/her hand or fingers in their mouth and starts sucking them it’s very likely that they need to be fed.

• When you stroke your baby’s cheek and they turn towards the side of your hand is also a sign of hunger.

• The later sign of hunger is a short low-pitched cry.

• After feeding your baby try to make them burp by patting or rubbing their back.


baby crying wet Nappy

• Your baby will start crying because of the discomfort of a wet or pooped nappy. So it’s important to check their diapers at regular intervals.

• The more your baby stays in a dirty nappy the more likely they are to get a rash.

• During night time try to be quiet and quick while changing the nappy so that your baby doesn’t wake up. If they do it will be a bit hard to get her to sleep again.

• While changing your baby’s diaper you should try to talk with them or sing for them. It will help you to connect with them and it’s also good for their development.


baby Sleepnig

• Newborns spend almost all day sleeping and eating. But as your baby grows their sleeping time will become less.

• It’s hard to get your baby to sleep if he/she is overtired. Try singing a lullaby or try taking her to a quiet room. But there’s a catch, some parents also suggest, that outside world is too quiet for babies compare with mother’s womb. So too quite could be scary for the babies and it makes them cry.

Most important thing make sure not to switch on the lights suddenly, it makes babies uncomfortable. Too much bright light can damage your baby’s eyes.



cuddle baby

• Holding your baby in your arms would make her feel safe and warm. By doing so it will increase his/her attachment towards you.

• Try to keep your baby close to you by wearing a sling or carrier. They will love the sound of your heartbeat, your body smell.



• Make sure you do not overdress your baby. Babies need one more extra layer of clothing than us.

• You can check whether your baby is hot or cold by feeling their back.



• It’s very important to monitor your baby’s health regularly. Common health problems in babies include constipation, fever, reflux, and nappy rashes.

• If your baby starts crying a lot or has become unusually quiet, then that is a sign that something’s not right.

Strong perfumes and room fresheners can also affect your baby’s breathing and it can also increase their body temperature. So parents and guests should avoid using a strong fragrance.

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• No one knows your baby better than you. If you feel something is wrong with your baby to call your general practitioner or midwife.


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