FAQ -  Baltic Amber teething necklace | Amber Beads

FAQ - Baltic Amber teething necklace | Amber Beads


What is an Amber?

When looking at amber, one must keep in mind that one is not looking at a rock; amber is an organic compound (tree sap), one which has solidified through the fossilization process. As it is well known that tree components often have analgesic properties (aspirin is famously derived from willow bark, for example),


What is the difference between Baltic Amber and non-Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber has unique pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its succinic acid content.

Unlike conventional amber, it is not polished or heat-processed; it, therefore, retains a much higher percentage of succinic acid.

Baltic Amber is true all-natural raw amber which has not been altered, treated, or adulterated in any way: It’s shipped directly from the Baltic Sea to teething necklace manufacturers. The real age of Baltic Amber is around 40 to 50 million years old.

Why is the Baltic Sea our amber-producing region of choice? Because according to manufacturers, succinic acid concentrations are highest in amber sourced from the Baltic region. While most forms of amber contain only trace amounts of succinic acid, Baltic Amber has a concentration of between 3-8%.

Baltic Amber’s high succinic acid content is the secret to its incredible healing powers. Choosing raw amber is essential when buying a teething necklace for this reason. Other factors, such as the color of the amber, are far less important.


How do Baltic Amber teething necklaces work? Will my baby be chewing on raw amber? 

Baltic Amber necklaces do not work like conventional teething aids and should not be chewed on. Instead, the succinic acid in the necklace acts as an anti-inflammatory (similar to drugs like ibuprofen, but without causing any harmful side effects).

The warmth of your baby’s skin will cause the amber to release its natural oils, which will then be gradually and gently absorbed through the skin.

As the succinic acid from these oils enters your baby’s bloodstream, pain is reduced.

Can Baltic Amber teething necklaces help to relieve aches, pain, fever, fussiness, drooling, and other teething symptoms? 

According to the vast majority of parents, Baltic Amber necklaces absolutely do help to reduce pain, inflammation, and general fussiness, in addition to speeding wound healing.

Moreover, most parents find that because their babies’ bodies are under less stress when they wear Baltic Amber, their immunity is improved.

Babies who wear Baltic Amber are calmer, cry less, and sleep more soundly.

 Review of Amber teething necklace

Why are different Amber necklaces different prices? 

Necklaces are priced according to a number of variables:

1) Some Baltic Amber beads are unique and rare or difficult to find.

2) Higher-quality beads are harder to find and therefore more costly to purchase.

3) The shape of the beads affects cost. Round beads and nugget style beads take different lengths of time to refine. Remember that each amber bead is carefully shaped by hand.


Where do you source your Baltic Amber beads from?

Each Baltic Amber bead we purchase has been carefully hand-crafted by Lithuanian artisans, known locally as 'Masters'. These Masters round the shape of each Baltic amber bead so that it rests gently against the skin, resulting in optimal skin contact and comfort.

These Masters round the shape of each Baltic amber bead so that it rests gently against the skin, resulting in optimal skin contact and comfort.


How are your Amber necklaces made?

Once the beads have been shaped, the artisans select a strong, durable string and carefully knot it by hand.

They ensure that each and every bead has a knot between it so that even if the necklaces breaks, beads will not scatter.

This is an additional safeguard so that your baby cannot ingest the beads. However, know that even if your baby does consume a bead, raw amber is completely non-toxic and your baby will not be at risk.

Amber teething necklace made of

Finally, the artisans add a plastic amber-colored screw clasp that opens and closes easily. The clasp is designed to function as a safety release mechanism so that the necklace will spring open if any pressure is applied.

Do you have any other questions about our raw Baltic Amber teething necklaces? Feel free to get in touch with us—We’ll be happy to assist you!

Which color of an Amber is most effective?

Some people believes that darker is more effective but it has not been proved. In fact, some people strongly believe "RAW vs. Polished" is more important than color choice. 

Gamut of Amber 

My baby is teething what should I order? Amber Necklace, Bracelet or Anklet?

  • Wearing more Amber it doesn’t mean it will be more effective in teething pain. Bracelet, Anklet, and Necklace they all work same. So I would suggest do not buy Necklace, Bracelet, and Anklet altogether for extra effect. However, if you like the Amber Jewelry and want matching colors and design then you can buy extra.
  • If a baby is too young you can go with Anklet or Bracelet.
  • Visit Amber Necklaces
  • Visit  Amber Bracelets
  • Visit Amber Anklets

Some parents believe that the color makes difference – Dark colors are more effective. Unpolished beads are slightly powerful than polished beads. 

If I put Amber under sun rays, will it be more effective?

It is not tested but it might damage the color and signing of amber beads. So would not suggest.

Does it has an expiry date? mean how long I can use my Amber necklace?

Amber is forever. However, care is also important if you want the same color and sign and shape. 

Amber is a soft gem. On the scale of 1 to 10 measuring stone hardness, with granite at number 7 and diamond -the highest value, amber is 2-2.5. Do not scratch it with sharp metal objects. 

With the care Amber necklace or bracelets, it should last for years however beads should be checked regularly for the cracks and damage. Discontinue using it if you find cracks or damage.

Remove the Amber necklaces or bracelets while having a bath as shampoo or soap can spoil the surface. 
Do not wash amber with soap, use clean water. Chemicals can spoil the surface.

Does Amber teething necklace have any safety feature?

Each bead are hand knotted so when it brakes not all the beads will come out. The screw cap brakes automatically during pressure so it can not chock.

Amber is laboratory tested. Comes with a certificate of authentic.

Broken Amber Beads

Do you provide a Certificate of Authentic?

Yes, we do. Our Baltic Amber are laboratory tested. Each amber comes with a certificate of Authentic.

Should I remove the necklace during a shower?

We advise to remove the amber during the shower. Try to avoid any soap, chemical, and water contact. 

How to measure the size of the Amber necklace before buying it.

It's easy, you can cut the thread according to size(ex 32cm) and try it on your baby's neck wrist or ankle. You will be able to see if it is too long or too short.

How shipping works.

We ship within 24 hours.

It takes 3 to 5 workings days to receive Australia wide.

National - Free standard shipping-( Depends on offer)

Offer Express Shipping. $9.99 Australia wide

international - ( 10 to 20 working days. Depends on countries customs rules) 

Why Should I buy From my cutie pie?

It is a family business and we know the Baltic Amber better.

Customer service is our first priority. It is not like once you buy and we forget you. 

We sell laboratory tested Baltic Amber only. Comes with a certificate of authenticity

We offer the longest warranty on Amber. It comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

What if I don’t like the color or size. can I get exchange or refund?

It comes with the longest warranty compare with any other sailor. We offer 60 days money back guarantee.

Yes, surely you can ask for full refund or exchange. Customers will pay return charges. However, customers can claim return shipping cost to PayPal if it is paid via PayPal (please referee PayPal return shipping policy).  

Customer service is our first priority so let us know if you have any concern or question regarding your purchase.

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