How to fly with infant without any headache. | Can I fly with my 2 month old baby?

Trawling with a newborn baby.

How to fly with baby infant


Many parents dread taking their infant or toddler on a plane for the first time—their minds fill with stereotypical images of screaming children in confined plane cabins, annoying other passengers and generally causing a disturbance.

This causes a lot of anxiety for parents, who feel like they have no way of predicting whether or not their child will behave.

This situation need not be completely left to chance, however; through taking the following five tips, you can make your trip with your baby or toddler as painless as possible: 

Don't rely on airlines to provide the essentials.

Most airlines tend to run short on things like baby milk, baby jars, and diapers—and a lack of any of these things is, of course, a sure route to an unhappy child.

Bring extra of all of these supplies (especially as some may be tested at the airport), just in case, and check to see if you can pre-order baby meals on your airline's website.

Can I fly with Newborn bayb

Bring a change of clothes for your baby, you, and your partner along in your carry-on luggage.

Spills happen, and damp, unhappy parents and children make for an unpleasant flight, so be sure everyone has a change of clothes at the ready.

It's also a good idea to dress babies in layers, so you can adjust your infant's clothing to suit the cabin temperature. (A baby-safe sleeping bag is also a comforting thing to have along.)

 Put familiar objects in your carry-on luggage as well.

Children are deeply soothed by “comfort objects”: Special toys, blankets, or whatever else your child has bonded to as a source of security.

Be sure to bring as many of these objects along with you as you can to help ease your child's mind while he or she is confined to an unfamiliar space for hours (and remember that bottles and pacifiers can also help with cabin pressure issues—sucking on them will relieve pressure in the ears).

You can also bring along some “surprise” new toys to distract your child in the event of an emergency when all else fails to pull him or her into a state of peace.

Bring along any medication your child might need.

How to fly with new born baby

Child-safe painkillers, inhalers for asthma, etc., should be brought on board where possible. If you child is not feeling well and you lack these essential items, you're sure to have a cranky youngster for the duration of the trip.

Load your favorite mobile device with shows and movies that you know your child love.

There's no guarantee that your child will actually be entertained by the provided in-flight entertainment; as such, it's a very good idea to download media that you know he or she loves prior to departure—an entertained child is a happy child.

How to trawl with infant ?

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