Handmade Wooden Toys for Kids.

By: My Cutie Pie

Classic Handmade Wooden High Chair For Children 


Wooden High chair


Hours of time and careful attention go into creating each one of these bright, colourful wooden high chair.

What’s more, these high chairs are completely free of harmful compounds like BPA and pthalates—an important consideration given how often little ones eat off their high chair trays.

Fortunately, you won’t find a scrap of plastic in these beautiful, robust Acacia hardwood chairs—just pure good craftsmanship replete with a 5-point safety harness.

You’ll also be able to make the most of this chair’s durable build by adapting it to “grow” with your baby: Just remove its tray and you can use it as a toddler’s first dining chair.

Our Classic Handmade Wooden High Chair For Children complies with all Australian and New Zealand Standards of safety and is made of 100% safe and nontoxic material.


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Child’s Teepee Tent

Teepee Tent in Australia


Nothing says fun and adventure like a genuine teepee—and they’re practical, too!

Let your children pretend they’re roughing it in the wilderness with this authentic teepee tent, which can be used indoors or out.

It’s perfect for both imaginative daytime games and sleepovers, with its two accommodating sizes (medium and large).

Better still, the high-quality cotton canvas this tent is made out of will stand up against even the most rugged use.

As a final touch, the realistic, colorful “flag bunting” and decorated window panels create an attractive appearance that pleases parents and children alike.

Just prop this tent up anytime, anywhere you like (using the 4 provided sturdy wooden support poles) and experience the cozy magic inside.

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Old School Learning Chalkboard And Whiteboard

Chalk board



What does it take to unleash your child’s limitless creative potential?

Forget fancy gadgets and learning apps—a simple old-school chalkboard is all your child needs to start experimenting with drawing, writing, painting, and math to his (or her) heart’s content.

Our durable chalkboard, which features a frame crafted from Acacia hardwood, includes a magnetic board and clipboard, a chalkboard, and a painting station (on the rear-facing side), allowing for endless hours of multipurpose use.

Better still, it’s crafted from 100% child safe and nontoxic materials. You won’t find any plastic (or BPA or pthalates) in this classic learning station

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Luxurious Wooden Castle

Wooden Castle 

For children everywhere, medieval castles are an icon of wonderment, linked to tales of heroism, magic, and supernatural beasts.

Your children can experience the joy of medieval-themed play without the risk of toxic compounds (such as BPA) thanks to the all-wooden, child-safe construction of this unique castle playset.

What’s more, the unique faceless characters included are completely non-gender specific, so this set is perfect for both boys and girls.

Your children will easily be able to imagine themselves in any role as they make their wooden avatars ride, climb, reel in the drawbridge, and look out over the ramparts for dragons.


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