Amber Leather belt collar for Dog and Cat.

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Dog and Cat Collar

Custome order only - 2 to 3 working days to prepare the custom order and 10 to 15 working days for us to receive from Europe. The price can change depends on the customize ordered.

  • You can choose color beads
  • The pattern of beads - Nuggets, Round, Barque, Beans Etc.
  • Size of the Collar
  • Price Depends on size and design of Amber. Starts at AUD49.99

Amber dog collar is a unique and beautiful piece of the collar. All Amber beads are genuine Baltic. It comes with an adjustable leather belt. It can be adjusted up to 5cm.


25cm to 35 cm

35cm  to 40cm

45cm to 50cm


contact us at if you want this item and let us know if you have any question.